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Nightlife in China: A Special Issue of _China An International Journal_

We are pleased to announce that our collective research project on
nightlife in contemporary China, after some trials and tribulations,
has finally been published.  Below are the article titles.  This issue
of _China: An International Journal (CIJ)_ is now available online
may be accessed through university library websites.  I uploaded my own essay onto this site and it may be downloaded by clicking on the link below.


James Farrer and Andrew Field

Volume:  6, Issue: 1 (March 2008)

special issue

2       Play and Power in Chinese Nightlife Spaces
Page 1 - 17

3       From D.D's to Y.Y. to Park 97 to Muse: Dance Club Spaces and the
Construction of Class in Shanghai, 1997–2007

Andrew FIELD
Page 18 - 43

4       Yunnanese Sounds: Creativity and Alterity in the Dance and Music
Scenes of Urban Yunnan
Page 44 - 68

5       Complexity of Life and Resistance: Informal Networks of Rural
Migrant Karaoke Bar Hostesses in Urban Chinese Sex Industry
Tiantian ZHENG
Page 69 - 95

6       The Other Side of Nightlife: Family and Community in the Life of a
Dance Hall Hostess
Page 96 - 120

Reader Comments (1)

hi! Sounds like a really interesting article as I was a big fan of DD´s back in the days (and YY´s too of course). i tried to download the pdf-file but it was blank - is there any other way I could read it (without a subscription to the ligarary sites)? ulrika (
June 2, 2008 | Unregistered Commenterulrika

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